Porting Unreal Engine to Apple Silicon (#1)

It’s the Epic Summer shutdown next week and since I don’t have any vacation plans I’m going to spend some of the time trying to get some of Unreal Engine running on Apple Silicon. Apple kindly shipped us a number of DTK’s which arrived just in time 😀

I’m going to start with the ambitious goal of getting the whole Editor running on the DTK with as many features enabled as possible running. If I run into issues that may take days of head-scratching to identify but minutes for someone more knowledgable (e.g. the editor immediately crashes with error Foo deep in Metal…) I’ll probably try a simple project natively or just running under Rosetta 2. A lot of the engine has custom SSE / ISPC code which as I understand it may rule out emulation without changes.

(Note – Epic hasn’t announced any plans with respect to Apple Silicon. Don’t take any of this as evidence of any sort of roadmap. It’s simply part curiosity and part research to understand what would be required if we ship support, or want to support licensees who want to add it themselves).


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