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Export numbered images on iOS using Workflow

This is a workflow that

  • Allows selection of multiple images from iOS’s photo library
  • Sorts them by Date Taken
  • Renames them image_001 to image_nnn
  • Presents a preview collage of the sorted images
  • Prompts for a Dropbox location to save them

(It should be trivial to change this to an action extension, save to iCloud Drive/Files, etc.

I created this because I needed a good way to share a large-ish selection of full resolution photos from a recent mini-vacation with friends.

So far exporting photos into a public Dropbox folder is the best way I’ve found of doing this. Problems I’ve run into with other methods are:

  • iCloud Photo Sharing doesn’t preserve order, is relatively low resolution, and doesn’t let people download the source images
  • Sharing from Photos to Dropbox mixes up the names and order when the photos are from different sources
  • Google Photo’s sharing features only seek to work if you upload all your photos.

(I don’t use Facebook).